Arm party and pumpkin muffins

The seasons are a changin’!

It’s official. It’s the funeral of summer (my favorite season) and birth of fall. Don’t get me wrong, I like apple cider doughnuts and picking out pumpkins as much as the next person but I just love the convenience of summer. I like the bright colors, the ease of rushing out the door without having to bundle-up, sliding on flip-flops and the sounds of life from the animals outside (actual animals and sometimes the party variety, both are great to eaves drop on…not a creeper..I swear)


I tried to really make the most of my summer wardrobe this week and with the temperatures hovering around the mid 80s it wasn’t a difficult challenge. While all of the style bloggers I follow are strapping on their over-the-knee suede boots and wrapping themselves in blanket scarves, I’ve been digging through my closet for the most neoniest things I can find. Bright turquoise shirt with the back cut out and “hawalli” scrolled across the front? Check! Sperry mint green and white espadrilles? Check! Allllll the summery accessories on one arm? Check! Arm party central! Also, you are probably thinking…where the heck do you work that you can wear that outfit? I’m in manufacturing, I get covered in metal dust, glue, and pearl chips all day…a hazmat suit would be equally acceptable.

Since it’s officially fall now, I will cool my jets on blinding people with my day-glow love and accept the season of my favorite holiday (Halloween) willingly. To start getting into the spirit despite the 87 degree thermometer reading, I decided to make some pumpkin muffins. Not the fluffy, dusted with sweet powdered sugar kind. A healthy kind. Gluten-free, sugar-free, dairy-free, oil-free, taste-free. Wait!? How’d that last one get in there? πŸ˜‰

In general, I’m trying to get it together lifewise, I have a sh*t-ton I want to accomplish and it seems there is never time to get going, so slowly, VERY slowly, I’m trying to make some changes. I’ve nixed my daily mocha/caramel swirl iced coffee from dunks, and have it down to 1 a week, as needed. Sorry, but some days there is no option but to get the sugar and caffeine rev to push through. Trying to make the gym something that’s a consistent in my life and gradually introducing some healthier eating.


This is a recipeΒ I found on pinterest today. It popped up on my homepage and I thought what better way to celebrate the change in season, and start a clean slate and cleaner plate going forward. Making them was very simple, you basically dump all of the ingredients into a blender or food processor if you have one- I think it would work better, blend all smooth, stir in some chocolate chips or raisins (I’m not ready for that.. like I said, baby steps) and bake at 350 degrees for 20-25 minutes.

IMG_3141 (1).JPG

The verdict? Actually, not bad! Is it light, fluffy and filled with sinful deliciousness? No. But, it is a perfect guilt-free alternative and definitely something I can grab and go with in the morning!

Happy Fall, Y’all!




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